4 what creates the cooler areas on the sun's surface?

Jordy Wilkinson asked a question: 4 what creates the cooler areas on the sun's surface?
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How the sun heats the earth

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Sunspots are darker, cooler areas on the surface of the sun in a region called the photosphere. The photosphere has a temperature of 5,800 degrees Kelvin… They are caused by interactions with the Sun's magnetic field which are not fully understood.


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What would happen if earth's core suddenly cooled down?

  • If the core suddenly cooled down, one of the very first things that would happen is the loss of the planet's magnetic field. According to Cosmos Magazine, the magnetic field around the Earth is created by the outer core, which in addition to being liquid, is constantly rotating through " heat driven circulation."

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Analyzing Processes: When water evaporates (changes from a liquid to a gas), the air near the water's surface becomes cooler. Explain why. When water evaporates, it absorbs thermal energy. This thermal energy comes from the air around it, so the air must lose thermal energy for the water to gain thermal energy.

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  • The mountain areas ( Flagstaff , and the White Mountain areas northeast of Phoenix) are much cooler than the desert areas. Places like Kingman, Prescott, Sedona, also are cooler, but not as much cooler as the first group. There are places in southeast Arizona, also, that are at higher elevations.

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Layers of the earth. what is beneath us?

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Why are caves cooler than the surface of the earth?
  • Deep mines require lots of cooling because of the heat coming up from below. The temperature a few tens of feet below the surface is the average temperature of the year. (Why caves are cold.) As you get closer to the surface, the ground temperature follows different averages.
Why are coastal areas cooler?
  • During the day, the sea is cooler than the land. A cool breeze blows from the sea during the day. So coastal areas are cooler during the day than areas that are inland. Large bodies of water tend to keep an area cooler.
Why are sunspots cooler than the surrounding solar surface areas?

Sunspots appear as dark patches in the solar photosphere. These are areas where strong magnetic field has emerged from below the solar surface. The strong magnetic field suppresses the release of heat into the photosphere making sunspots cooler than their surroundings.

Why is the atmosphere cooler in hilly areas?
  • The oblique rays will have lesser heat when compared to perpendicular rays, which means that general terrestrial radiation from the slanted hill slopes will also be lesser. Both these factors add up to make the atmosphere less hot in hilly areas and we feel cooler. There are 2 main reasons.
Why the surface of the sun cooler than the core?
  • While the center of the Sun's core can get as hot as 30 million degrees F, its outer layers cool down. The photosphere , which is outside the core, is the coolest layer. This is as expected, because normally heat passes outwardly from hot to cold. However, the Sun's outermost atmospheric layer is much hotter than its surface layer!

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You can look at the sun with binoculars Why the temperature in rural areas is cooler?

What is the temperature difference between rural and urban areas?

  • The temperature contrast from rural to urban areas is typically greatest during clear evenings with light winds. Rural areas cool off much faster at night than cities, as urban areas retain a lot of the heat stored in roads, buildings and other structures.

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