50 great mason jar ideas?

Francesco Stiedemann asked a question: 50 great mason jar ideas?
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  • 1. Rustic Hanging Mason Jar with Painted Backboard. Source: diyvibes.net. A simple painted backboard is a perfect complement to the hanging Mason jar ...
  • 2. Suspended Bohemian Fishnet Mason Jar.
  • 3. Mason Jar Wind Chimes for a Garden Paradise.
  • 4. Mason Jar Bird Feeder for Feathered Friends.
  • 5. Sealable Drinking Glasses for Friends and Family.


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❓ Cute mason jar ideas?

Looking for more mason jar ideas?

  • DIY Piggy Bank. When you’re teaching your child about money and savings, include this fun mason jar craft by having them paint their own piggy bank.
  • Beach-Inspired Mason Jar. Longing for summer days spent at the beach? ...
  • Mason Jars with a Splash of Glam…
  • Funfetti Mason Jar Candle…
  • Boho Chic Candle Holders…
  • Vintage Glam Mason Jars…
  • Smoothies in a Jar…

❓ Rustic mason jar ideas?

Mason Jar Centerpieces For A Rustic Style

  • Tree Of Life Photo Centerpiece. Gather some twigs and black and white photos to make a tree of life photo centerpiece…
  • Chalkboard Candle Light. This chalkboard candlelight is great for anyone who loves to doodle with chalk…
  • Rustic Wedding Centerpiece…
  • Twine Wrapped Jars…
  • Boxed Centerpiece…
  • Distressed Mason Jars…
  • Lemon Slice Vase…
  • Chalk Paint Mason Jars…

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