Can i sell my own audiobooks?

Edwin Wiegand asked a question: Can i sell my own audiobooks?
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How to make money selling audiobooks

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KWL enables self-publishers to upload, promote, and sell eBooks and audiobooks. As of September 2019, authors who utilize KWL can now begin making sales on audiobooks through the site… And of course, you also have the option of offering your audiobook for free through KWL.


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❓ Can i add my own audiobooks to musicbrainz?

  • MusicBrainz does have some author and audiobook information, but there is always the possibility that your author and audiobooks are not listed, so you may be required to manually tag your audiobooks, and create an artist.nfo file for the author. You should also consider adding them to MusicBrainz.

❓ Can i download my own audiobooks to kindle?

To transfer your downloaded MP3 audio books from your computer to your Kindle fire, you'll first need to connect the two with a USB cable. Then, using a file explorer or perhaps the Android File Transfer tool, copy the files to the Kindle Fire's music folder.

❓ Can i put my own audiobooks on iphone?

If you want to put audiobook CDs onto your computer, iPhone, or iPad, importing them into iTunes or Apple's Music app is the easy part.

❓ Can i sell audiobooks on ebay?

technically it is illegal. however ebay turns a eye to this. in reality they love it, sales = money to them. as long as buyers don't complain it's counterfeit, than the seller can sell.

❓ Can i sell audiobooks on my website?

You can accomplish selling audio from your own website by creating a “Buy” button on your own site and hyperlinking the checkout page of your audio program on Soundwise to the Buy button.

❓ Can i upload my own audiobooks to audible?

If you're an audiobook publisher, we can help you. If you have unabridged audiobooks and you'd like them to be sold in our channels, you can upload them here. Your audiobooks will be available for purchase through all of Audible's channels.

❓ Can you add your own audiobooks to overdrive?

Download the audiobook to OverDrive for Windows. Find the audiobook files on your computer… Drag the audiobook to your device and store it with your other media (music or audiobooks). Your MP3 player will appear as a removable device in the left-hand side of the Windows Explorer (or File Explorer) window.

❓ Can you create your own audiobooks legally?

The audiobook you create from a copyrighted work is a derivative work (perhaps it is a reproduction; for the analysis it does not matter). It works the other way also. A derivative work is a work based on or derived from one or more already existing works.

❓ Can you record your own audiobooks?

  • Yes, You Can Record Your Own Audiobook. Here’s How. Yes, you can record your own audiobook. Here's how. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations.

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How to publish an audiobook

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I’m an author who is also recording my own audio so no sharing issues. Reply Christina Benjamin says: February 22, 2018 at 4:49 pm This is a great article. One of the best I’ve read about audiobooks. Thank you for putting in the ...

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Can you upload your own audiobooks to audible?
  • Record Your Own Audiobook for Audible: It doesn't take a studio or an audio engineering degree to record your own audiobook and sell it on Audible. With a $130 microphone, some free software, and a little persistence, you can make top-notch audio, and Audible's Audiobook Creation Exchang…
Do audiobooks sell well?

Audiobooks will sell well if their associated ebooks or paperback books have an Amazon Best Seller's Rank (BSR) less than about 50,000. The lower the BSR, the higher the book's sales proving that the author has a book readers want… The lower the number, the more money your paperback book, ebook, or audiobook will earn.

How to sell audiobooks?

Selling audiobooks entails the following: Cover Art; Description or Blurb; Customer Reviews; Price; Promotion; The best way to think about selling audiobooks is from the customer’s point of view. Let’s say a customer goes onto the Audible website and browses through the list of audiobooks. The audiobook’s cover is the first thing the ...

Where can i sell my audiobooks?
  • Sell your audiobook through over 50 major retailers, library providers and distributors, with new channels added monthly. Instead of using a blanket pricing system, Author's Republic gives you the option to set your own MSRP (disclaimer: we can't promise every distributor will use it, though).
Where can i sell old audiobooks?

1. (Recommended). Payhip is the site that I use and highly recommend for hosting and selling eBooks.. The site comes with a host of eBook marketing features including, analytics, marketing, discount codes, affiliates, and customer management. You can also create affiliates and encourage other bloggers and marketers to promote and sell your eBooks for you whilst earning a nice ...

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How to publish your audiobook to 45 platforms in 10 minutes Where to sell audiobooks?

Join Sacha Black and Adam Croft as they discuss the different platforms for audiobook sales and the ever-growing marketing opportunities for both your fiction and nonfiction audiobooks. Our fiction and nonfiction salon is brought to you by sponsor Izzard Ink.

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How do you get your audiobook on google play?