Does listening to.strong bass hurt your head?

Jettie D'Amore asked a question: Does listening to.strong bass hurt your head?
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Unlike high pitched sounds, listening to bass levels with these best bass headphones does not irritate you as much. Consequently, you will end up destroying your hearing without even noticing it.


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  • You are going to be a very wealthy man.” In Bill Acheson’s program, he stresses that head tilting is seen to be a sign of good listening, and it is perceived consciously more by woman than men. He recounts some research he performed at University of Pittsburgh in the year 2000.

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When most people nod their head while listening, it is an indication of attending the conversation. It is a conscious body language signal that indicates understanding. Be careful to confirm agreement in other ways. Nodding does not necessarily mean agreement.

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It is a good practice to nod at people while listening to them as it shows you are interested in what they are talking and are paying attention… Also, nodding too much can make you seem spineless or sycophantic.

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  • Bass tab can be a real aid to beginners before they have learned to read standard music notation or have learned the note names on the fretboard. And, it can be helpful to show complicated fingerings alongside standard notation.
What does it mean when you nod your head when listening?
  • Slow nodding means the person is listening very intently and is deeply interested in what you’re saying. Fast nodding means the listener is telling you non-verbally, ‘I’ve heard enough, let me speak now’. You might have noticed how people sometimes nod their heads quickly before they interrupt a speaker.
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Why do my ears hurt when i listen to bass?
  • Basically, bass frequencies don’t cause the same level of pain as higher-pitched sounds do. This means that when you’re headbanging to a bass-y breakdown at a Deadmau5 show, or cranking some Bassnectar up in your Monster Beats, you’re doing serious damage to your ears without even realizing it.