Has anyone found fenn's treasure 2017?

Edna Jacobi asked a question: Has anyone found fenn's treasure 2017?
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'fenn's treasure' discovered in colorado after 10 years

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  • According to Fenn, many people have claimed to have found the treasure, but no one has provided any evidence to him supporting their claim. As of 20 August 2016 Fenn has stated that to his knowledge it is still not found. In May 2017, Forrest Fenn was asked “Has anyone determined the nine clues and what they represent?”


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The student, Jack Stuef, 32, discovered the stash of gold nuggets, gemstones and pre-Columbian artifacts on June 6 in Wyoming, the grandson of the now-deceased antiquities dealer Forrest Fenn wrote on a website dedicated to the treasure. Mr.

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Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” A few years ago we reported on the curious tale of Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure and how hordes of people became obsessed with finding it. We’ll give you an update. Unlike so many tales of buried treasure, the story of Forrest Fenn’s lost loot proved to be all too real because it’s no longer lost. Proof of that surfaced about a year ago.

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Gary Drayton. heightzone. April 6, 2020. Gary Drayton is a TV personality known for “The Curse of Oak Island”. He is a treasure hunter by profession. He found out many historical things worth millions of dollars. The man is nicknamed “Metal Detecting Ninja”. He gained a huge fan following.

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Is forrest fenn's treasure still out there?

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Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure. The Forrest Fenn Treasure is a treasure reportedly worth more than one million dollars that supposedly hidden by art dealer and author Forrest Fenn in the Rocky Mountains. According to Fenn, many people have claimed to have found the treasure, but no one has provided any evidence to him supporting their claim.

A photo proving Fenn’s treasure has been found. Many treasure hunters were undoubtedly disappointed earlier this month to learn that Forrest Fenn’s treasure had finally been found. Fenn, an eccentric art and artifacts dealer, filled a chest with more than $1 million in gold coins and other valuables and hid it somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

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  • The treasure is now in a secure location in New Mexico, but Stuef plans to sell it. He says he has medical school loans to pay off.
Is fenns treasure in a dangerous place?

Despite his insistence that the treasure is not hidden in a dangerous place and that people should not seek it in the winter, two people have died in the search. Also, the quest has brought some mentally unstable seekers out of the woodwork: kidnapping and death threats, stalking.

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Move Chest and Contents In Two Trips

Once you find Fenn's treasure, carefully remove the contents from the chest. Place the contents into your backpack first. You will want to move these items to your vehicle first since they are the most valuable. Who got the closest to fenns treasure?

The search for a hidden treasure that TODAY has reported on for years seems to have finally come to an end: Someone has apparently claimed the multimillion-dollar treasure that art collector Forrest Fenn hid in the Southwest nearly a decade ago, leaving clues in a poem. NBC’S Gadi Schwartz (who hunted the treasure himself) reports.

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Albuquerque man claims to know where forrest fenn hid treasure Who was the person 250 feet from fenns treasure?

Because 250ft isn't that much land to search on. Assuming "coming within 250ft" is the radius to a circle that should contain the treasure, you're looking at pi*250 2= 196,350 ft 2, which equates to approximately 4.5 acres (or ~3.4 American football fields). Or the searcher was standing 200' above or below the chest.

Video answer: Forrest fenn retrieved the treasure chest.

Forrest fenn retrieved the treasure chest.