Has anyone found viking treasure?

Heaven Ebert asked a question: Has anyone found viking treasure?
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Buried viking treasure found in denmark

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The Vale of York Hoard, also known as the Harrogate Hoard and the Vale of York Viking Hoard, is a 10th-century Viking hoard of 617 silver coins and 65 other items. It was found undisturbed in 2007 near the town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire, England.

Instead of a Reward, They Are Now Going to Jail for Theft. The trove, much of which is still missing, could rewrite early English history. Coins and jewellery from the hoard found by George Powell and Layton Davies.


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  • The “finders-keepers” rule might work on the playground, but it won’t fly if you’re trying to hide buried treasure from the British authorities. Three of four men have been sentenced to a combined 23 years in prison for their roles in finding, hiding and trying to sell a buried trove of Viking loot in the United Kingdom.

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  • There’s something very intriguing about the idea of finding buried Viking treasure. That much is evident in our fascination with pirates, and with movies like Indian Jones or Tomb Raider. Most people don’t get to sail the high seas or crawl around in ancient ruins in search of relics, however.

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  • Instead, They Stole It. Two British men who uncovered a 1,100-year-old trove were sentenced to years in prison for failing to report the find and selling the items piecemeal to dealers. Two of the coins from the hoard. Jewelry and silver bars were also part of the trove, but many of the items have not been recovered. Credit...

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Silver viking hoard found with metal detector

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What was found in the viking treasure hoard?
  • The treasure included a crystal pendant which probably dated from the 5 th or 6 th century, a gold ring and dragons-head bracelet that seem to be from the 9 th century, a silver ingot, and around 300 coins. Rock crystal pendant chased in gold. Part of the jewelry found. Photograph: British Museum/PA
What was the value of the viking treasure?

Derek McLennan has discovered an treasure from 10’s century that includes silver bracelets, brooches, gold rings and other valuable items, informs The Guardian. The man handed the treasure to the...

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  • In 2014, Derek McLennan found a Viking treasure hoard of gold, silver, textiles and jewels in Scotland. He got £2million out of it. The same year David Blakey found almost 2,000 Roman coins in East Yorkshire – worth and estimated £44,000.
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Viking treasure hunter digs once in a lifetime find! rare… Who was sentenced in the viking treasure case?
  • Mr. Powell received a total term of 10 years, and Mr. Davies was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years. Two other men, Simon Wicks and Paul Wells, were also convicted on Thursday on a charge of concealment for their involvement in the case.

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Real ancient pagan gold treasure found metal…