How did the villagers react to the mother's agony?

Abdullah O'Hara asked a question: How did the villagers react to the mother's agony?
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The villagers did not do anything to help the mother. They reacted unscientifically to the scorpion bite. They gave their own superstitious, philosophical and religious interpretations for the incident. They believed the scorpion bite was universe's plan to cure the mother of her previous birth sins.


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Mason Villager

The Mason Villagers, who spawn at Stonecutter Jobsite blocks, are most useful as a source of profit. They'll give you emeralds for stone, one of the most common materials in the game.

❓ Are villagers human minecraft?

They are passive that can trade with you for emeralds, And they have their own defense: Iron Golems.

❓ How do villagers get fleas?

You can catch the flea right off of their bodies using a net. You can do so by holding down the A button while standing at a very short distance from the villager to hit the fleas with the net. They might look a bit sad at first, but should be relieved later on.

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  • Ways to get more villagers: Once per day, as mentioned above, go to the Adventurer (the guy in orange/red who you go to in order to save your game) and select "Update Data".
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Now you can get another villager to move in by either using a Nook Miles Ticket to travel to an island and look for a new villager or wait and see who fills that villager's place. If a house is left empty for a few days, a new villager will automatically move in.

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Can you get treasure enchantments from villagers?

Enchanted books now generate in end cities. Enchanted books can now be bought from librarian villagers for 5-64 emeralds as part of their tier 1, 4 and 5 trades.

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Explorer maps are now obtainable as trades from cartographer villagers. Added buried treasure explorer maps. Treasure maps now generate in underwater ruins chests.

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  • Method 1 of 6: Breeding Villagers Find a village. Villages generate at random locations on the map… Build a structure to breed your villagers in (optional). This is not required to breed villagers, but building a structure will keep them from wandering off. Craft at least 3 beds and place them in the village or structure… Get at least two villagers close together… More items...
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In creative there is a spawn egg for spawning a villager, but in survival you have to find a village, there its a lot of villagers walking around:)!

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No, you do not need a garden to breed villagers, but it can help. Villagers need food in order to breed, and you can give them food by throwing it near them and making sure the gamerule for mob griefing is on. However, if you have gardens and farmer villagers, the ...

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Players will have to wait for the villager to come sleep on the bed (it shouldn't take very long.) Once this is done, players should expand the village and build more huts with multiple beds. More villagers will follow, and once the player gets a bell, they can ring it to attract other villagers to the area.

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  • First spawn villagers until you get a librarian (white robes). Next, trade with him many times. You'll notice that there can be more than one slot for an enchanted book trade, and if you trade long enough I'd assume you would eventually get a separate slot for every single enchanted book.
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Unfortunately, there's no kind of 'Follow' command or way to truly befriend Villagers so that they'll follow you on-foot wherever you go.

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This is just how to get the fifteenth puzzle/milestone in the game Virtual Villagers 1.Here it is the last one for the first game! Took me a wile because I k...