How do i know if my i11 is fully charged?

Danyka Feest asked a question: How do i know if my i11 is fully charged?
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When the i11 TWS Bluetooth earphones are successfully connected to your Android or iOS devices, there will be a battery icon on the screen of your Android or iOS devices to show the remaining battery charge of your earphones, which is just like the power status bar on your smartphone.


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Once you place the Apple pencil along the side of your iPad, check the Today view on the iPad. You can swipe left to right from the home screen or the lock screen to pull this view up. When you look at it, one section is called Batteries, and if your Apple pencil is charging, you will see it listed.

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Q: How long does it take to fully recharge the Jaguar I-PACE? A: With an approved Jaguar wall box installed, a full charge can be achieved in approximately 10.2 hours.

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