How do you check if a list is null?

Emil Satterfield asked a question: How do you check if a list is null?
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You should do if(test!= null) instead (Checking for null first). The method isEmpty() returns true, if an ArrayList object contains no elements; false otherwise (for that the List must first be instantiated that is in your case is null ).


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❓ How check array is null or not in php?

  1. Using count Function: This function counts all the elements in an array. If number of elements in array is zero, then it will display empty array. Syntax: ...
  2. Using sizeof() function: This method check the size of array. If the size of array is zero then array is empty otherwise array is not empty. Example:

❓ How do i check if a string is empty or null?

Using the isEmpty() Method

The isEmpty() method returns true or false depending on whether or not our string contains any text. It's easily chainable with a string == null check, and can even differentiate between blank and empty strings: String string = "Hello there"; if (string == null || string.

❓ How check if list is empty c#?

  1. Using Enumerable. Any() method ( System. Linq ) ...
  2. Using Enumerable.FirstOrDefault() method ( System.Linq ) The Enumerable.FirstOrDefault() method returns the first element of a sequence…
  3. Using Enumerable. Count() method ( System.

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