How do you make a hole in glass without a torch?

Susie Moen asked a question: How do you make a hole in glass without a torch?
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Tie a circle in the string the same size that you want for the circle on your glass. Soak that part of the string in kerosene. Place the circular kerosene-soaked string on the glass where you want your hole. Strike a match and light the line on fire.


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❓ How can you make a hole in glass without tools?

To make a hole in the glass without a drill, use a glass cutter to draw a circle & punch out the hole. You can also melt out a hole with a flame torch or burning a string dipped in kerosine. You can also use a carbide-tipped drill bit with your hand to make a hole.

❓ How can you make a hole in glass without cracking it?

A common recommendation is to drill just half way through the glass without breaking through it. Then turn the glass over and drill fresh from the other side. This can create a hole that's a bit off-center, but it reduces the chances of cracking the glass.

❓ How do you make a hole in glass bigger?

Take a really small screwdriver that can fit in the hole already and put it in. Then slowly push the hole outwards to make it bigger and every once in a while heat the glass up again if it cools down too much to push it outwards...

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