How do you use anathema?

Charlene Morissette asked a question: How do you use anathema?
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When you use "anathema" to denote a curse or denunciation, place an "an" before it ("the witch hurled an anathema at Hansel"). But when you use it to mean something you detest, drop the "an" ("the witch's cannibalism was anathema to Hansel, especially when he spotted her menu").


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❓ What does anathema mean in literature?

However, when used to refer to an object of loathing, anathema is more likely to be used without its two-letter friend, like an adjective. It’s as if anathema was describing something as “hated,” rather than renaming it as “something that is hated.”

❓ What is anathema in literature?

Anathema, in common usage, is something that or someone who is detested or shunned. In its other main usage, it is a formal excommunication… In the Old Testament, anathema was a creature or object set apart for sacrificial offering and thus removed from ordinary use and destined instead for destruction.

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