How do you vent a bathroom fan in cold climate?

Ivory Kling asked a question: How do you vent a bathroom fan in cold climate?
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The common solutions to this ice problem are to use a higher-powered fan, use a larger-diameter, shorter duct run, and wrap the pipe with better duct insulation. You can also run the fan longer (at least 10 to 15 minutes after showering is a good baseline) so the ice melts or doesn't freeze in the first place.


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Venting a Bath Fan in a Cold Climate Use a high-powered fan and a large-diameter duct with the shortest run possible, and wrap the pipe with insulation. By Michael Maines Issue 274 - April/May 2018 Q: For the first few years that we owned our current house, I wrestled with various ways to vent the upstairs bathroom showers.

whereas the blade fans are in the $20 to $30 range.) Some manufacturers have separated the fan from the range hood or the bathroom grill, allowing the fan to be placed near the exhaust port, perhaps even in the basement. This helps immensely to eliminate the noise problem. Third, people forget the fan, especially when doing or-dinary cooking or ...

When a fan is ducted out the side of the house (or through a soffit), cold air from outside can migrate back through the ducting and chill the fan can. Then internal humidity aerosolized by warm inside air can condense on the inside of the chilled fan can. This built-up condensation then drips back through the grill and onto the floor.

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You live in a climate where it gets cold. Bath ventilation fans and cold weather don't play well together. Bath fans usually are pushing lots of moist, humid air. If the vent piping is in a cold ...

Another way to reduce the drying effect of ventilating in cold weather is to use an energy recovery ventilator. They exchange heat and moisture, thereby allowing you to keep the humidity levels higher.

During very cold weather water puddles in the vent covers and drips (conveniently right into the toilet ). I have a lot of attic space with a high roof (lots of unused space up there). Both bathroom fans have a vent hose that is maybe 6 feet long and is the plastic stretch coil type used on clothes dryers. The vent hoses simply angle up from ...

Bath fans should have an internal flapper damper that blocks cold air. These dampers usually fit poorly inside the fan housing and the cold air can seep by them. If you want to stop cold air, you need to have a great damper, or double damper at the exhaust hood where the air leaves your home. Should Vent Hoods Have a Sealed Door?

Gary. ANSWER: Freezing or blockage of plumbing vent terminations above roofs is a fairly common problem in our area. This can be due to a number of factors, the most significant being our extremely cold winter weather. I will explain the reason for the location of these pipes, causes of your problems, and a couple of possible solutions.

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