How does sample size affect t statistic?

Camren Rosenbaum asked a question: How does sample size affect t statistic?
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The sample size for a t-test determines the degrees of freedom (DF) for that test, which specifies the t-distribution. The overall effect is that as the sample size decreases, the tails of the t-distribution become thicker… Sample means from smaller samples tend to be less precise.


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❓ How does sample size affect reliability?

If your effect size is small then you will need a large sample size in order to detect the difference otherwise the effect will be masked by the randomness in your samples… So, larger sample sizes give more reliable results with greater precision and power, but they also cost more time and money.

❓ How does sample size affect validity?

The use of sample size calculation directly influences research findings. Very small samples undermine the internal and external validity of a study. Very large samples tend to transform small differences into statistically significant differences - even when they are clinically insignificant.

❓ How does sample size affect type 1 error?

Rejecting the null hypothesis when it is in fact true is called a Type I error… Caution: The larger the sample size, the more likely a hypothesis test will detect a small difference. Thus it is especially important to consider practical significance when sample size is large.

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How does the shape of the t distribution change as the sample size decreases?

For practical purposes, the shape of the t-distribution is identical to the normal distribution when sample size is large. However, when sample sizes are small (below 30 subjects), the shape of the t-distribution is flatter than that of the normal distribution, and the t-distribution has greater area under the tails.

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