How long will the ps5 shortage last?

Audreanne Shanahan asked a question: How long will the ps5 shortage last?
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A leaked quote from a senior executive at Sony that it expects the PlayStation 5 shortage to last until 2022 has been met with jubilation by resellers, who are earning tens of thousands from desperate console buyers.

PS5 shortage 'to last until 2022' as stock crisis due to global chip shortage continues, expert claims. THE global PlayStation 5 shortage is likely to continue until next year, leaving frustrated gamers unable to get their hands on a new console for months to come, according to one expert.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger recently said in an earnings call that the chip shortages plaguing the tech industry will likely continue until 2023, and that it may take "another one or two years" before manufacturers can adequately meet demand.


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❓ How long will chip shortage last?

Pat Gelsinger, chief executive of chip-manufacturing giant Intel, has estimated the shortages could stretch beyond 2022.

❓ How long will car chip shortage last?

It is also expanding its manufacturing capacity, and in March, the company announced that it would invest $20 billion to build two new chip-making fabs in Arizona. Still, Intel says the high demand for semiconductors is a challenge, and that the shortage could stretch into 2023.

❓ How long will the console shortage last?

Shortages on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles could persist until 2023, according to Intel's CEO, citing continued issues with supply chains. Those looking to get a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S within the next year or so may be disappointed to hear that the ongoing chip shortage may last until 2023 now.

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