How many copies of the constitution are there?

Brisa Cormier asked a question: How many copies of the constitution are there?
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There were 13 “copies” of the final, approved Constitution, each given to one of the colonies for ratification. I italicize “copies” because they were handwritten as was the original, final approved document, but were made as permanent records for the states.


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  • More than 50 founding fathers were involved in the creation of the Constitution alone, which are often thought of as the founding fathers. All in all, 118 individuals signed one of the three main documents the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the United States Constitution.

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How many signers of the us constitution were masons?
  • The Freemasons also helps to shape early America. The Declaration of Independence was signed by 15 American Masons (of 56 signers) and the Constitution had 28 Freemason signers (of 40).
How many states would have to approve the constitution?

Article VII stipulated that nine states had to ratify the Constitution for it to go into effect. Beyond the legal requirements for ratification, the state conventions fulfilled other purposes.

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