How to assemble the spooky treasure map neopets?

Christa Shields asked a question: How to assemble the spooky treasure map neopets?
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Video answer: How to use the 9 map pieces on neopets

How to use the 9 map pieces on neopets

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Find a user selling another from the same map; they will likely have several different pieces in their shop. Full maps are often available on the Trading Post. Visit the Treasure Hunt page for with all nine map pieces in your inventory to turn it in for your prize.

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4,200 NP (+325 NP) on May 21, 2021 by Item DB Crew. 3,875 NP (+150 NP) on April 25, 2021 by Item DB Crew. Full Price History. TP. Trading Post History Suggest Price Change.

Grrrr! You found my treasure :([9 random Spooky Food items] Well, I hope you enjoy these Halloween goodies. I have also given you XXXX Neopoints! You may turn in a set of 9 'Spooky Treasure Map' pieces as many times as you like, and you will receive the rewards listed above each time. Neopets Original Map

Once you've collected the 9 pieces, you can assemble them to get special prizes. All current map puzzles consist of 9 pieces each. When you enter the name of a map piece into the Shop Wizard, it will give you the price of only one of the one pieces of that map. Maps: Treasure map. Spooky treasure map.

After you do that, you can bring the Petpet Laboratory Map set in your inventory to this page. If you'd like to zap your petpet, you can do so here. Zapping Your Petpet. Once you have access to the Petpet Lab Ray, you may zap any petpet currently attached to any of your Neopets. You cannot zap a petpet in your inventory.

The Spooky Treasure Map gives you around 10k and some random Spooky Foods. Of course, these Spooky Foods can be the junk ones you get from Test Your Strength and stuff like that, but it could also be like a Snorkle Snout. All of the maps, aside from the Lab Maps, of course, give similar prizes. I say just sell them.

Having a lot of experience with math and probability I am sure that if the ten food items given out by the map were completely random spooky foods, then the chance of getting 2x Spooky Doughnut from all ten maps would be EXTREMELY rare. :shiftyeyes_anim:

The Spooky Map gives you between 5,000 to 10,000 Neopoints and random Spooky Food items. The Space Map gives you between 5,000 to 10,000 Neopoints, 3 or 4 very rare random items, and raises the level of one of your pets. The Underwater Map is retired, so pieces become rarer over time, but I believe you can still get prizes by putting it together.

Treasure Maps is a collecting game released on February 29, 2000, where users are required to collect nine pieces of a map to find a buried treasure. Each actual map piece is an item, This means the pieces can be stolen, traded, sold, auctioned, turning into a Pile of Sludge, etc. Map pieces are acquired through a Random Event or bought through the Shop of a user who acquired it through a Random Event themselves.

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