How to install bathroom towel hanger?

Ruby Parker asked a question: How to install bathroom towel hanger?
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How do you hang a towel bar in a bathroom?

  • Slide the bar into place and attach the next bar holder. Put a little pressure on the towel bar to make sure it is secure. Hang towels. In addition to determining the location and towel bar height, deciding on the look of new bathroom accessories is important.

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Learn how to install a towel bar on your bathroom wall. You can measure, mark, and install a new towel hanger in just an afternoon. Check out our DIY Bathroo...

How to install towel hook in bathroom - in 2 minutes - Do it yourself - YouTube. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try ...

Secure Mounting Plates Hammer in the drywall anchors. (They're normally provided with the towel bar.) Secure the mounting plates to the wall using the provided screws.

Use the towel rack as your guide to figure out where you want it in the wall. Use a pencil to indicate the spot. Follow the shape of the top and bottom of each side of the towel rack. It is best to use a pencil so that if you were to make a mistake you can simply wipe it off.

Using the set screw and wrench provided with your towel bar, attach one of the bar holders to the bracket. Slide the bar into place and attach the next bar holder. Put a little pressure on the towel bar to make sure it is secure. Hang towels.

Attach one of the bar holders to its bracket using the set screw and hex wrench provided. (Placing the screw on the underside helps hide it.) Slide the bar in place and mount the second bar holder. Test the installation by lightly pushing the bar up and down to make sure the bar holders catch on the brackets. Now you’re ready to hang up your towels.

Complete the install of the towel holder by first installing one support, then inserting the towel bar and installing the other support just as you did in the first method. Check the level of the towel bar as you go. Towel holders make an attractive and convenient addition to the bathroom and are easy to install, even on ceramic or porcelain tile.

Fold your towels in half horizontally, then fold them in half again lengthwise. Then hang them on the rack. If your rack has shelves attached, fold a few fresh towels and stack them on your shelves. Feel free to hang up more than one rack on your bathroom walls if you need extra storage space.

With the humidity in the air, your towel ring will loosen in short order if the screws aren't sunk into a stud. Use a stud finder to make sure you're installing it in a good spot. If you can't, then use some butterfly wall anchors to make them stay mounted for the long haul. And be sure to use a level so it's installed nice and straight.

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