How to make connections to a book?

Mekhi Abshire asked a question: How to make connections to a book?
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How do students make connections between books and the world?

  • They can relate the book to their personal experiences (text-to-self), to information from other texts (text-to-text), or from what they know about the world (text-to-world). Making connections is linking what the students read, to what they already know.


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In writing, there are three basic ways you can make connections: Text-to-self connections. Text-to-text connections. Text-to-world connections. In your classes, you might read novels, journal articles, or scientific studies. You might study historical works or ancient sculptures. You might even watch documentaries, movies, or cartoons.

If you are reading a book, and don’t connect with it, ditch it and find one where you can make connections. Here are the start to connections. Text-to-Self This is similar to my life . . . This is different from my life . . . Something like this happened to me when . …

When children make connections between a book and their own lives, they feel empathy for the characters and become invested in the story. They have an easier time remembering the story when they feel a personal connection. Later, kids begin to make

Making Connections While Reading. Reading is often considered passive but when students are writing responses and thinking about what they read, it naturally becomes an active process. Of the three connections, it is best to model text-to-self first. All students can easily activate prior knowledge about their lives.

These connections are made when a student can connect what they are reading to other books that they have read or listened to before. They may make connections that show how the books share the same author, have similar characters, events, or settings, are the same genre, or are on the same topic.

Strategic reading allows students to monitor their own thinking and make connections between texts and their own experiences. Students who make connections while reading are better able to understand the text they are reading. It is important for students to draw on their prior knowledge and experiences to connect with the text.

One good strategy you can use is to make connections from the book to your own life.”. We want our young readers to know and understand the importance of understanding a book. 2. Model, model, model. Read the text aloud and model your thinking out loud. Talk about each connection you make with a text- shallow and deep connections.

Simple. Whether they like the book or not isn't relevant. You can initiate the connection conversation any time you'd like, any day of the week. Consider using the following phrases to help your kids make text-to-self connections with what they read: Oh, it looks like Arthur is really trying hard to train his pet, Pal.

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