How to prepare gor biometrics?

Kassandra Cummings asked a question: How to prepare gor biometrics?
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Which documents should I take to my biometrics appointment? You should take the original copy of your USCIS biometrics appointment notice, your receipt letter (from the filed application or petition), and photo identification (e.g. passport, green card, employment authorization card, driver's license, etc.).

How do I take my biometrics?

  • Taking your biometrics simply includes, a signature, giving fingerprints, and taking a photo! When you arrive for your appointment, you will submit your biometrics on machines designed to do so.


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❓ How do i prepare for biometrics?

  1. Permanent resident card (green card)
  2. Passport or national photo identification issued by your home country.
  3. Driver's license.
  4. Military photo identification.
  5. State-issued photo identification card.

❓ How to prepare for biometrics appointment?

Preparing for Your Biometric Services Appointment After you file your application, petition, or request, we will schedule your biometric services appointment at a local Application Support Center (ASC) if you need to provide your fingerprints, photograph, and/or signature.

❓ How to prepare for biometrics test?

How to prepare for a biometric screening

  1. Fast for 8 to 12 hours. Don't drink anything except water, black coffee, or tea before the screening.
  2. Stay hydrated…
  3. Dress comfortably…
  4. Take your medications as usual…
  5. Refrain from exercise for 12 hours.

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Avoid wearing dangly bracelets or too many rings on your fingers. To help the operator get the best prints, experts recommend you drink plenty of water the day before so you're fully hydrated. It's also wise for you to apply lotion to dry hands a day before your appointment.

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