Is 73 keys piano enough?

Russel Jerde asked a question: Is 73 keys piano enough?
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73 or 76 keys should be enough to handle about 98% of your playing and is nice if you plan to take it to band practice or gigs.

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I was going to be the voice of dissent and say no, 73 keys isn't enough. Instead I'm backpedaling to just being the voice of semi-dissent, and saying it depends. Since you said you're just learning, 73 could be enough to get you started and out of the gate.

Gigging Musicians: 73-key models travel that much easier than their 88-key counterparts. Pianos are lengthy instruments by nature, so saving a few inches can be the difference between it comfortably fitting in your car or being crunched by a closing car door. Many gigs also do not require the full range of the instrument.

This 73-key digital piano reproduces the sound and feel of grand acoustic pianos and provides a mesmerizing performance. Thus, playing this would give you an opportunity to enjoy the same feel that you would get on the acoustic piano and it is easier to play and comes at a very competitive price.

The 73 keys pianos are enough to make a lot of music. Moreover, there is some entry-level piano with just 41 keys. A synthesizer (an electrical musical instrument) will have just 25 keys. Those instruments are designed for lead playing or bass playing.

Of all the keyboards that are available at the moment, the 73 key keyboard variety stands taller. As its name and designation imply, it comprises a whopping 73 keys that are sufficiently large to handle and facilitate any musical performance that may exist. A guide that seeks to lay bare its finer details like this is hence highly welcome.

Depends on your repertoire. If it's limited to Bach, Mozart, and other pre-Romantic music, 73 keys will be plenty. If you're playing a lot of Rachmaninov and Liszt, you'll need all 88. Most rock, pop, and jazz can get by with 73 too, unless you're playing ELP and Yes covers.

As far as the number of keys 61 kinda stinks for piano. 73 or 76 keys should be enough to handle about 98% of your playing and is nice if you plan to take it to band practice or gigs. Of course 88 covers everything but you rarely will use the extra notes that the 76 doesn't have.

Yes. A 76 key piano is more than sufficient for most music. Obvious exceptions are obviously the songs that require the very bottom and top octaves. Usually, that means certain classical pieces, though it may stretch to a few pop songs also.

most trance songs only need a one key piano. most piano music though is geared for a 49 key range. extreme examples of difficult classical / jazz pieces require 88 keys. so i say it really depends on what you intend to play as to what you need to have key count wise.

I went from a board with 61 keys to one with 73. It was a vast improvement. I still miss the very lowest keys, not so much the highest octave. Happily I have my old upright at home for when nothing will do but that low A, or Bb. When gigging, I need to stay away from too much bass anyway, so it is not so bad.

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