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James Mason
BornJames Neville Mason15 May 1909 Huddersfield, England
Died27 July 1984 (aged 75) Lausanne, Switzerland
Alma materPeterhouse, Cambridge

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James Mason was a great English actor of British and American films. He was born in Yorkshire, and attended Marlborough College and Cambridge University, where he discovered acting on a lark, and abandoned a planned career as an architect.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other people named James Mason, see James Mason (disambiguation). James Neville Mason (/ ˈmeɪsən /; 15 May 1909 – 27 July 1984) was an English actor. He achieved considerable success in British cinema before becoming a star in Hollywood.

The excellent, prolific actor, James Mason with his pleasing manner and wonderful voice, created many indelible screen characterizations over his over 50 year acting career. Here are 50 of his finest efforts. RefineSee titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc

Mason is not to be confused with American actor James Mason (1890-1959), who was busy in American silent film but whose career declined with the advent of talking pictures.

James Mason, the British-born actor noted for portraying suave and cerebral aristocrats and scoundrels, died yesterday at Lausanne Univerity Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland, after suffering a...

James Mason, (born May 15, 1909, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England—died July 27, 1984, Lausanne, Switzerland), British stage and motion-picture actor best known for his urbane characterizations. During his 50-year acting career he played in 106 films. Mason studied architecture before trying for a theatrical career.

James Mason is amongst a few actors to have reached the top spot in both the United Kingdom and the United States. A dynamic actor and performer, Mason had a very successful career in the film industry. What gave him the edge was the ease with which he played characters of both good and evil intent.

Handsome and debonair, Mason was happy to age out of leading man roles, priding himself on being a solid character actor. Revealingly, he once observed: “To be a successful film star, as opposed to a successful film actor, you should settle for an image and polish it forever. I somehow could never quite bring myself to do that.”

1952. 5 Fingers. Diello, aka "Cicero". 1952. The Prisoner of Zenda (1952) Rupert of Hentzau. 1951. Pandora and the Flying Dutchman. Hendrick van der Zee.

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