K9 advantix when to bath?

Guillermo Pouros asked a question: K9 advantix when to bath?
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According to the manufacturers' instructions, you should wait for 48 hours after applying Frontline or Advantage before bathing your dog.

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According to the manufacturers’ instructions, you should wait for 48 hours after applying Frontline or Advantage before bathing your dog. The main ingredient in Frontline, fipronil, stores itself in the dog’s oil glands, reapplying itself constantly through the hair follicles.

Yes, you can! However, it is generally recommended that you bathe your dog before applying K9 Advantix II. You should also make sure you've dried your dog thoroughly before applying it. If you decide to bathe your dog in between treatments, I suggest you use of a general grooming shampoo for pets.

Can I bathe my dog after applying K9 Advantix ® II? Yes! However, we suggest bathing your dog before applying K9 Advantix ® II. Your dog needs to be dry at the time of application.

The generic term for K9 Advantix is imidacloprid plus permethrin. It is an insecticide used to kill fleas and repel them. It works quickly to stop fleas from biting, usually within 3 to 5 minutes, and it kills them fairly quickly, too, with 98 to 100 percent of them being eradicated within 12 hours time.

For most topical flea treatments, including spot treatments, baths, powders, sprays and dips, wait at least 48 hours before regular bathing to allow the treatment to start working and absorb into skin.

As stated earlier, it takes roughly 48 hours for K9 Advantix to be fully absorbed into your dog’s skin. Therefore, you should wait 48 hours to bathe your dog after applying the solution. The same amount of time you have to wait to touch your dog. How to Apply K9 Advantix

Can I give me dog a bath one day after applying K9 Advantix II? If you were using a different flea and tick product beforehand, it'll take 48 hours for the Advantix activate once applied. We would recommend waiting at least two days before bathing your pet.

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Although K9 Advantix ® II kills fleas on your dog, there may still be fleas in your dog’s environment that have since jumped on after treatment. Luckily, with K9 Advantix ® II, new fleas are killed within 2 hours with protection against further infestation for at least 4 weeks. As fleas die they are no longer able to stay hidden against your dog’s skin, and therefore you may also be seeing dying fleas coming to the surface of your dog’s fur coat.

K9 Advantix is one of the commonly used topical medications for controlling ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes on dogs. The best thing about K9 Advantix is that it remains effective even after bathing and washing. Additionally, K9 Advantix will not just kill immature and mature fleas and ticks, but will also repel these pests and prevent them from biting.

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