Kid asking teacher can i use the bathroom?

Kobe Cummerata asked a question: Kid asking teacher can i use the bathroom?
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  • Avoid asking your teacher to use the bathroom when they are in the middle of giving instructions, during the middle of a lecture, or during a lesson. Do ask your teacher to use the restroom during independent work times, when you have finished all of your class work, or after you have completed a test.

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pls…….but like why do they ask what else are u gonna do in there make a sandwich? 🗿

In 7 th grade, I asked my history teacher if I could use the bathroom (I don’t remember how I phrased it). He looked at the copy of the book I was carrying, Shogun by James Clavell (a really big book), and said, “You gonna take all day?”

Classroom Management & Strategies. 4th grade teacher at a private school. Mostly attentive parents, good kids overall. I get so annoyed telling kids when they can or can't go to the bathroom. Tell one kid yes, and they all need to go. Take a class bathroom break, and 10 minutes later one of them is asking to leave.

I am not required to ask for permission to use the restroom during staff meetings, and if you can handle it responsibly, you should not be required to either. I want to treat you like young adults. I want you to be comfortable in this class. We talk a lot nowadays about hydration, and I realize that this means more frequent trips to the bathroom.

Ask to use the bathroom. When it comes to asking to use the restroom, each teacher has a different policy. While some teachers prefer the traditional method of raising your hand to ask for permission, other teachers find this practice disrupting. Instead, they insist that their students use a special hand signal.

I teach 7th so we have breaks in between classes.. but I have two passes/quarter that they can use for in-class bathroom breaks. If they don't have one, I tell them to show up after school for 3 min to make up the time that they missed. If they don't use them, they can turn them in for extra credit points at the end of the quarter.

Yes, a teacher can say “no” to allowing a student to use the bathroom. Every teacher knows that some students will ask to use the restroom whether they really need to go or not.

Yes, she's 6. That teacher has an issue and/or doesn't have kids. She's not in 5th grade. When they are that young, the teachers we have had would never have not let her go to the bathroom when they had 2 hours left until the end of the day. At this age, they are too young to really realize that they need to use the bathroom at every break/recess.

They also have ample time to use the bathroom before they get to my classroom. The biggest reason, however, is our lockdown procedure, wherein I have to lock my door, and nobody is allowed in or out. This means if we are on lockdown, and there is a student in the hallway, I cannot allow that student in my room.

May I use the bathroom?" I mean, yes, it's silly and pedantic for the teacher to answer that way, but I just wanted to use the bathroom, not to get into an argument about linguistics. That said, if I were in elementary school again, I would probably roll my eyes and leave the room to go to the bathroom without saying another word.

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