Kohler campbell piano are made?

Oma Nader asked a question: Kohler campbell piano are made?
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Even though Kohler & Campbell is an American company, their pianos are made in South Korea. When they're almost done, they're shipped to America for the final touches, such as the action and tone regulation.

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CAMPBELL } Charles Kohler and John Calvin Campbell joined forces in New York in 1896 to create the Kohler & Campbell Industries, Inc. Campbell was a machinist who invented several wood and iron making machines and later took up piano making. He partnered with Charles Kohler for only 18 years, until the time of his unexpected death in 1908.

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The Kohler & Campbell brand . Kohler & Campbell is one of the most famous and largest American piano-making companies.It has an amazingly rich history going back to 1896. Back then, the Kohler & Campbell Industry was established by John Calvin Campbell – originally a mechanic – and Charles Kohler in New York.

All Kohler and Campbell pianos, like any other high quality and expensive pianos, are created using the world famous Renner action and hammers that come from Germany. A variety of exotic and durable wood is used to create the pianos, including Mahogany, Bubinga, Ebony, Meranti and Agathis. Serial Numbers - Piano Age

Official Website of Kholer and Campbell Pianos Click here to download a pdf of the new Kohler & Campbell brochure... If you do not have Adobe Reader, click the below link...

According to Larry Fine's survey, most tech's said that the Kohler & Campbell consoles were fairly well made and came out of the factory in decent regulation. However, They did agree there was a problem in tuning them accurately, because of scale design deficiencies, in addition, the technicians found the case parts to be very poorly designed for servicing...and also the tone is not good overall.

Kohler & Campbell grand pianos were made by the Brambach Piano Co. of New York. By 1954 all production was moved to Granite Falls, North Carolina. About 1984 the name Kohler was used on all Kohler & Campbell pianos, and Brambach was used on some console and spinet uprights while they were negotiating the sale of the firm. The Kohler & Campbell name

Kohler & Campbell pianos have been in production since 1896. At the time these pianos were manufactured using innovative techniques brought into play by John Campbell. At the time they were also one of the largest piano builders in America alongside Baldwin.

The brand are made in China by Beijing Hsinghai Piano Group, Silbermann Piano Co., and Parsons Music for the importer, North American Music Inc. Hardman Peck New York , US

Charles Kohler began the Auto-Pneumatic Action Company in 1900 for making a reliable player action for the piano. Danquard helped Kohler and obatained a patent for the “flexible finger.”. This means the wippen of the action is attached to the player mechanism. John Campbell was a factory organizer and business man.

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