Mason initiation hazing?

Dejuan Cruickshank asked a question: Mason initiation hazing?
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There is NO hazing, or any humiliation of the candidate. All candidates are treated with decorum and respect. Keep in mind, that there is no hazing in Craft Masonry (the Blue Lodge). There are many appendant bodies and concordant organizations in the masonic “family” of organizations.

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Longtime secret initiation rite at Masonic lodge in Patchogue, New York, goes terribly wrong when 76-year-old Mason Albert Eid pulls out wrong gun from his pocket and fatally shoots fellow Mason ...

That is true: Masons have certainly committed a host of terrible blunders. Masons in the past who did not understand these components of the ritual, or perhaps felt mean-spirited, turned such elements of our beautiful and meticulously designed Masonic ritual into just that—hazing.

21 Year Old U.S. Soldiers Death Tied to Masonic Initiation Hazing Ritual Stars and Stripes ... The Shrine Masons (Shriners) operate the largest network of hospitals for burned and orthopedically impaired children in the country, and there is never a fee for treatment.

We’ve already unanimously voted that we wanted to call the Candidate “Brother.” Why would we want to scare him off? Some of it is uncomfortable (I hate being hoodwinked) and a little confusing until you know what it means. Normally, before each ri...

In Florida, hazing and horseplay have no place in a lodge and are illegal. If you experience hazing as part of masonic initiation, then you are likely in a clandestine lodge. level 1. BearyPotter. F&AM Indiana, JW - 32° NMJ 3 points · 1 year ago. Hazing is strictly prohibited in the lodge, especially during degrees.

By dictionary definition, is hazing allowed to be done during initiation? I was a DeMolay petitioner and although I will break my vow of silence after 2-3 years, I want to raise this question for my brother's sake because he wants to join the same lodge.

MANNHEIM, Germany — More than two years after a hazing initiation in which soldiers were paddled on their buttocks, the Knights Templar Masonic group that was implicated in the incident remains ...

video of an initiation ceremony into freemasonry. what you hear will shock you.must watch - leaked footage.freemason, turkey, secret society, initiation.must...

Also called the "Master Mason," this is the last stage of the Masonic initiation and considered the height of Ancient Freemasonry. The candidate undresses until he is only wearing a shirt and pants. In contrast to the second degree, both knees and arms are now exposed and the person is once again blindfolded.

Master Mason Initiation. As in the Fellow Craft initiation, the Master Mason ceremony starts out with an introduction and a pass through word, sign and grip. The candidate enters the room and receives a blessing from the Worshipful Master (WM). The candidate is stripped of all worldly possessions. Before entering the room, the Junior Deacon ...

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