Mason iso review?

Jaleel Rath asked a question: Mason iso review?
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Mason insearchof - first look

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  • Mason ISO: "It’s an uncompromising machine and one we think is utterly worth it. A bike that makes you want to get out and ride sounds like it has priceless qualities and more than worthy to be our Gravel and Adventure Bike of the Year in 2019." Overall 5/5. READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE

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Josh ibbett new bike day! mason iso bike packing tour divide .

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The new Mason ISO is designed to take you further off road, while still allowing you to ride further and faster. The ISO’s frame and fork have the clearance for 2.4 inch 700c tyres or 2.8 inch...

The Mason ISO has tons of mud clearance around the fork & Shutter fender up front and the seat & chainstays in the back. One of the hallmarks of Mason’s frames, the InSearchOf gets tubing sized & shaped specifically for each | Mason ISO 5 STAR Review Our new Ultimate Adventure bike continues to win top reviews with this latest test from "Sometimes a bike comes along that completely delivers in its capabilities, looks and build quality. The Mason ISO - InSearchOf - is one of those bikes.

The ISO is also compatible with a 100m suspension fork and has 160/180 flat-mount brakes. Both the Force 1 and Rival builds come stock with a Mason x Hunt ‘The Search’ Dynamo front wheel and HUNT 27.5 TrailWide Boost rear, with WTB Ranger tires on both the 27.5 and 29er models.

Read our review of the Mason ISO Best women's gravel bike: Liv Devote 1 — £1,498.99 In a relatively small pool of female-focused gravel bikes, the Liv Devote 1 delivers a fun and sporty but confidence-inspiring ride, on tarmac or trail.

Cycling Weekly | 10/10 "Sometimes a bike comes along that completely delivers in its capabilities, looks and build quality. The Mason ISO - In Search Of - is one of those bikes. With an Italian hand-built frame, a superb level of finish and detail it nonchalantly comes along and redefines what a drop-bar bike is assumed to be capable of being."

Considering you can customise a Mason ISO to a fair degree, it feels best to just point out all the kit was of a level of quality where it just gets on with its job, effectively, efficiently and reliably. The components are very much on a

While the Mason ISO promises to provide an ideal platform for riding fully loaded, on an epic ride, we just did not have enough time to confirm this. Generally, the bike was stable and confidence inspiring, even when the terrain gets bumpy and technical.

The new InSearchOf or ‘ISO’ for short, is the evolution of the Mason theme of fast mile munching albeit with a twist. Probably the most notable characteristic of the new bike is that tyre clearances will now embarrass the likes of many an XC mountain bike – 29 x 2.4” or 650b x 2.8.

Mason Cycles’ road & gravel bikes keep evolving with larger tires, modern geometry & more hauling capacity to extend their adventure capabilities. Now the new ISO takes #AdventureSport riding further afield In Search Of even more off-road trails to explore with dropbars, 29er or 27.5+ wheels, and some trick detailing….

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