Position when playing piano?

Maxine Feil asked a question: Position when playing piano?
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Sit toward the front half of the bench. Relax your feet and keep them flat on the ground from heel to toe. Keep your weight centered on your buttocks. Relax your shoulders and arms, keep your back straight, and sit so that you can smoothly move everything up to your fingertips.

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Going back to the basics is when some of the most advanced learning and teaching starts. When teaching beginners how to play piano, often they are taught to start from a “five-finger position” on the keyboard. When students progress to more advanced music, normally the five-finger positions aren’t talked about anymore.

Correct Posture When Playing the Piano Let Go of Unnecessary Tension Center the piano bench to the width of the keyboard. The bench must face the piano squarely.

Your hand position on the piano should be with curved fingers as if resting on a ball with your wrists slightly raised to form a straight line. Each finger will rest on its own key in proper hand position. Place your hands on the piano in the position of the key signature you will be playing.

There are three main points to having the correct position for a pianist to sit at the piano, as taught during your private piano lessons. Height, Distance, and Posture.These points apply to any and all pianist whether they are beginner piano students or classical concert pianist. 1) Height.

It is better if they sit in one spot and lean if they need to. If an entire piece is played low on the piano, start out sitting to the left on the bench, or if the piece is high, start out on the right. If a piece goes low and high, sit in the middle and lean to reach all the keys.

This next exercise will focus on keeping the piano playing correct posture. Place your right hand on the C position. Press on the C key with your first finger, and then lift it up while you press on D with the second finger .

The guide to perfect posture is to have a position that is not only comfortable and effective, but one that allows a degree of flexibility while playing. A good piano player doesn’t just use their hands; they swivel their hips and move their body to make sure their playing style is at its optimum.

Basics of Playing Piano: Seating and Posture (1) - YouTube. Basics of Playing Piano: Seating and Posture (1) Watch later. Share.

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