Using the bathroom alot when i wake up?

Emily Funk asked a question: Using the bathroom alot when i wake up?
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Nocturia describes needing to wake up at night in order to urinate. It is a symptom of other conditions, not a disease itself. According to technical definitions1, a person has nocturia if they get out of bed to urinate one or more times per night.

In many cases, increased trips to the bathroom at night are due to drinking too many liquids in the evening. By consuming large amounts of fluid right before bed, especially caffeine or alcohol, your body is forced to increase urine production as you sleep.

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It’s normal to use the bathroom once a night for many people, while a majority of the population wakes up to pee every now and then. How often you urinate at night, as you imagine, can be influenced by a number of factors, especially fluid intake before bed.

If you do wake during the night to urinate, try to minimize the amount of light that you expose yourself to. By using a small nightlight in the bathroom rather than turning on the main light, it can be easier to fall back asleep. It's also best to limit your activities. Make a quick trip to the bathroom and return promptly to bed.

If you have to get up once during the night to urinate, you’re likely still in the normal range. More than once can indicate a problem that will leave you feeling tired. “Drinking too much before bed, especially diuretic beverages such as alcohol or caffeine, can cause you to wake up a few times at night,” said Dr. Danella.

The urge to go to the bathroom several times a night is called nocturia. It is also sometimes called nocturnal polyuria. It is usually defined as having to wake up more than two times a night to have to relieve yourself. There are several causes of nocturia that we’ll explore.

Many people, as they age, find they need to use the bathroom more frequently, and this can often disrupt their sleep. It can be harder to get back to sleep once you have woken up than it was to drop off when you first got into bed, so it can be helpful to reduce the need to use the bathroom in the first place.

Focusing on sleep hygiene, which includes your bedroom environment and sleep habits, can reduce awakenings during which you notice a need to go to the bathroom. Examples of healthy sleep tips include: Keeping a consistent sleep schedule, including waking up at the same time on weekdays and weekends.

This sounds odd, but kick your feet up late at night! Over the course of the day, fluid naturally accumulates in your legs and feet. By elevating your legs for an hour or so before bed, all of that fluid will have time to redistribute itself. This way, when you use the bathroom before bed, you’ll be removing a lot more fluid from your bladder.

You wake up in the middle of the night and the to pee or not to pee question comes up. You're comfortable and you're tired. But your bladder really isn't going to let you stay.

You do not need to do them while you are in the bathroom. “ Do the exercises 3 times a day, on 3 or 4 days a week,” says Dr. Brasner. “Each time, flex your muscles 8 to 12 times, and hold them tight for 6 to 8 seconds each time you tighten. Keep up this routine for at least 3 to 4 months to see results.”

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