Virginia mason methodology?

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The trust focuses on two elements of the Virginia Mason approach: lean-based improvement methodology, applied consistently across all improvement projects. cultural shift towards proactive improvement.

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The Virginia Mason Production System (VMPS) is a management method that seeks to continually improve how work is done so there are zero defects in the final product. Using this method, Virginia Mason identifies and eliminates waste and inefficiency.

Virginia Mason Institute Metropolitan West Building 1100 Olive Way, Suite 150 Seattle, Washington 98101 USA

A lean management system is cornerstone to a culture that puts the patient first. Everyday the lean work at Virginia Mason is advancing the quality of health care, as demonstrated by our recognition for patient safety, as we collaborate to achieve zero defects.

The success of Toyota's Production System--steeped in the philosophy of "the complete elimination of all waste"-- drew Virginia Mason into drafting their own production system with a patient focus in 2001 called the Virginia Mason Production System (VMPS). This involved the systematic use of a management method in which the patient is put first.

This is due to development of the Virginia Mason Production System (VMPS), a management methodology based on principles of lean management from the Toyota Production System, and applied in IHI’s IMPACT network. For example, Virginia Mason applied the principles of VMPS when designing its new Center for Hyperbaric Medicine.

For more information regarding the Virginia Mason study, Applying Lean Methods to Improve Quality and Safety in Surgical Sterile Instrument Processing, contact C. Craig Blackmore, MD, MPH, director of the Center for Health Services Research, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, WA, at [email protected]

The Virginia Mason Production System is all about reducing waste-including any unnecessary burdens on patients. “The patient is God,” the visiting American executives had been lectured over and over by their mentor in Japan, Chihiro Nakao, of Shingijutsu International. That was Rule One at Virginia Mason, too.

This method allows us to be more efficient with all of our resources and provide an improved experience and better outcomes for our patients. Virginia Mason is regarded as one of the most efficient and effective healthcare providers in the world, having developed a unique methodology for applying lean principles in a healthcare setting.

Five NHS trusts are working with Virginia Mason Institute (VMI) to develop a ‘lean’ culture of continuous improvement which puts patients first. Partnering with NHS Improvement, the Health Foundation have commissioned an independent evaluation to measure the impact of the partnership between VMI and the five trusts on the quality and efficiency of health care services and organisational culture in each trust.

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