Walk in cooler coils are frozen?

Jewel Kunze asked a question: Walk in cooler coils are frozen?
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  • When troubleshooting walk-in freezers, technicians often find a frozen evaporator coil. Although there are several possible causes, one common cause involves the defrost system. For some reason, the system is not properly defrosting the evaporator’s coil on a regular basis.

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Re: walk in cooler evaperator keeps freezing up. In the event you are maintaining an Evaporative Temperature below 0oC, then there is going to be frosting on the Coil and the fin spacing should not be more than 6 per inch. If the Te is much lower, say about -25oC then the fin spacing should be 4 fpi.

If your air conditioning coils have frozen, you may experience the following symptoms: Air conditioner runs, but no cool air comes out in your home. There is visible ice on your indoor or outdoor coils. There is more condensation in your home or around your cooling unit, as frozen cooling coils create moisture buildup.

A frozen air conditioner is never a good thing! If you notice that you have frozen evaporator coils, the first thing you should do is turn off your system at its source – the breaker box. While you are inspecting the possible causes and fixing them, your coils should be able to defrost completely.

If you notice ice build up around your evaporator coil, your freezer may be experiencing a fan delay relay failure. This is something an experienced technician can diagnose and repair. Ice can also develop near your drain if your drain line becomes clogged. Clogs cause water to pool and freeze over time.

Coil airflow was obstructed by debris or plastic. Product is stacked too close to coil obstructing airflow. Coil fins are badly damaged leading to a small area of freezing which in time grows in size.

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