Was forrest fenns treasure really found?

Arthur Rodriguez asked a question: Was forrest fenns treasure really found?
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Finder Of Forrest Fenn's Buried Treasure Reveals His Identity The grandson of Forrest Fenn, who hid the trove that set off a hunt for buried treasure, confirmed that it was found by a man named Jack Stuef.

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Yesterday, Fenn confirmed that his treasure chest had been found. An unnamed treasure hunter from "Back East" sent a picture to Fenn as his only proof. Though the photograph has not been unveiled,...

A photo proving Fenn’s treasure has been found Many treasure hunters were undoubtedly disappointed earlier this month to learn that Forrest Fenn’s treasure had finally been found . Fenn, an eccentric art and artifacts dealer, filled a chest with more than $1 million in gold coins and other valuables and hid it somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

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