What accent does long john silver have in treasure planet?

Whitney Crist asked a question: What accent does long john silver have in treasure planet?
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The treacherous Silver is voiced by Brian Murray with an accent that veers wildly from Irish to Jamaican while Emma Thompson turns up as the voice of the very classy Captain Amelia.

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Wallace Beery was the first speaking Long John Silver in the 1934 film. Robert Newton became the definitive Long John Silver in Disney's 1950 live-action film. Born in Dorset in the South West of England, Newton had a broad 'West Country' accent & when this was encouraged & exaggerated by the writers, it became the archetypal 'Pirate voice'.!

The “Pirate” accent we all recognize comes from the 1950 film TREASURE ISLAND; specifically, Robert Newton’s performance as Long John Silver. The voice Newton used in the film is an exaggerated West-Country accent.

And also it has been shown in Treasure Planet, that his kind blends in greatly like hedley's species is. Since their faces blend in very great to where you can't tell it wasn't there and actually is, it is possible that his species along with Hedley's blends in like a chameleon does due to predators of some kind.

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