What does a dream of going to bathroom mean?

Amber Torphy asked a question: What does a dream of going to bathroom mean?
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  • To dream that you are going to a bathroom refers to happy days which will be had within family and good news. To see a woman bathroom in your dream means that you will hear good news, the news will be related to you or your closest friend. To see a man bathroom in your dream indicates that you will find peace thanks to an aid.

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If you actually go to the bathroom in your dream, whether you're going number one or two can help you unlock meaning, says Irwin. "If you're urinating, the dream could be about releasing some...

A dream about using the bathroom or toilet usually has to do with the karmic energy you are processing. It is known as a karma dream, as you are navigating karmic relationships, emotions, and events in this dream. It usually has to do with clearing away old energy so that you can start the cycle of introducing new energy into your life.

One of the most common scenarios with bathroom dreams is needing to pee or poop and not being able to find a suitable place and/or using the restroom in an unusual, normally public place. Embarrassment, shame, and anxiety often come up here.

Bathroom symbolism is clear; in waking life and in dreams, a bathroom symbolizes something deeply intimate. It could also be associated with concepts of vulnerability, hiding and exposure. In the bathroom, we are turned completely only to ourselves. We are doing what our body needs and this is an extremely private ‘event’.

A bathroom in your dream represents personal freedom and cleansing. It is an important sign of an opportunity to expand business affairs and reach a satisfying conclusion. If the bathroom in your dream is connected to any rooms that contain white walls, then this is a spiritual dream and the meaning and purpose of it is important to interpret.

Bathroom is particularly specific room to be seen in dreams. It is not so difficult to interpret, knowing the bathroom is a place you go to cleanse yourself, to eliminate waste from your body, to deal with both unpleasant and usual, but intimate things.

In a dream, a bathroom represents the nest of impurities or the seat of sufferings. If one enters it in his dream it means that he will be struck with distress caused by women. For heat and pruriency may develop in one’s privacy inside the bathroom.

Dreaming about a bathroom symbolizes the same reasons you use a bathroom. You use a bathroom to eliminate waste or burdens, to cleanse your body, and you are often led there by instinct. For that bathroom to become public, it usually will indicate how you are feeling about whatever it is you need to let go of. Why a Public Bathroom?

Toilets in your dreams indicate release or letting go. A public toilet specifically is a social or emotional issue that you are in need of letting go or releasing. This dream will indicate that you need to leave your past in the past and to make amends where you can in your current status. In this dream you may have

Urinating dreams is a common occurrence characterized by dreams of peeing and going to the bathroom to urinate. You feel that satisfaction of the release but found out that this did not happen and you already wet your bed when you wake up. If you experienced such type of dreams, you are not alone. In fact, a lot of people do.

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