What has been termed the treasure of priam dates to?

Elody Rempel asked a question: What has been termed the treasure of priam dates to?
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Later archaeologists believe that this haul dates to Troy II, and therefore predates by a millenia the layer of the city that was most likely ruled by Priam. Thus the treasure remains great, but it can no longer be assigned to the era of Homeric Troy.

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Priam's Treasure is a cache of gold and other artefacts, which classical archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann claimed to have found at the site of ancient Troy. Schliemann assigned the artefacts to the Iliadic king of Troy, Priam. This assignment is now thought to be a result of Schliemann's zeal to find sites and objects mentioned in Homer. At the time the stratigraphy at Troy had not been ...

Priam’s Treasure Necklace is part of what became called the “Treasure of Priam” discovered in the ancient site of Troy, which is located in modern-day Turkey. Ancient Troy was the setting of the Trojan War described in the Greek Epic Cycle, in particular in the Iliad, one of the epic poems by Homer. Schliemann claimed the site to be that of ancient Troy and assigned the artifacts to the ...

In the footsteps of Homer As you know, the "treasure of Priam" (also known as "gold of Troy", "Priam's treasure") is a unique treasure, which Heinrich Schliemann found during his excavations on the hill of Hissarlik in Turkey. Well, the name of this discovery was named after king Priam, the king of the legendary Troy of Homer.

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