What is chaucer's contribution to english literature?

Torrey Lindgren asked a question: What is chaucer's contribution to english literature?
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Geoffrey Chaucer: Impact on English Literature

  • Chaucer is the father of modern day English literature
  • Chaucer introduced two poetic conventions, iambic pentameter and the rhyme royal, to English poetry…
  • William Shakespeare admired Chaucer’s writing…
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What was Chaucer's greatest achievement?

  • Chaucer, in fact, founded the art of “story-making” and “story-telling”, which proved to be a corner stone for the proper growth and development of the future English Novel. People estimate “The Canterbury Tales”, as “Chaucer’s greatest poetic achievement”.


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❓ What chaucer contribution to english literature?

Chaucer is known for metrical innovation, inventing the rhyme royal, and he was one of the first English poets to use the five-stress line, a decasyllabic cousin to the iambic pentametre, in his work, with only a few anonymous short works using it before him.

❓ What is dickens contribution to english literature?

Dickens's Creative Work

He wrote a tremendous number of works. He created a new type of novel - the social novel. Dickens considered that the great contrast between the rich und the poor was abnormal in a civilized society. Dickens showed a broad panorama of the 19th century English life.

❓ What is chaucer's contribution to english language and literature?

  • Unlike his contemporary poets, Chaucer does not follow the way of didacticism. He wants to bring about smiles on the faces of his readers. That is why; he endeavours to refrain from didacticism in his poetry. Thus, the above discussion reveals clearly Chaucer’s contribution to the English language and literature.

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Chaucer’ s Contribution to Poetry Chaucer’s second and prominent contribution to the English language & literature is his contribution to the English poetry. In the age of Chaucer, most of the poets used to compose allegorical poetry. It was a poetry, which had no relationship with the reality of the time.

Chaucer plays upon this idea in The Canterbury Tales, in which two northern students in the south speak in an almost unrecognizable dialect. What is notable about Chaucer's English is that he was writing at a time when the "standard" we now know was slowly returning, hastened by the invention of the printing press.

Arguably, then, one of Geoffrey Chaucer's most significant contributions to English literature is his having written his magnificent work, The Canterbury Tales, in the language of the English...

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The Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded 113 times to 117 Nobel Laureates between 1901 and 2020.

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