What makes an upright piano a grand piano?

Maxwell Schimmel asked a question: What makes an upright piano a grand piano?
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  • At the turn of the 20th century, countless American piano companies manufactured very tall upright pianos. These instruments offered the sound of a grand piano because of the long strings and large soundboard area.


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❓ What makes an upright piano a grand upright?

The Upright Piano. The term “upright piano” is somewhat confusing. It is sometimes used synonymously with “vertical,” although technically speaking, an upright is a type of vertical piano. Uprights take up much less space and tend to be less expensive than grand pianos.

❓ What is an upright grand piano?

An "upright grand" piano is simply a big old upright piano. The term was common in the early part of the twentieth century and was intended to infer a sense of higher quality than the rather ordinary term "upright piano" (and was often used by manufacturers of lower quality instruments). "Cabinet grand" was a similar term applied to upright pianos. I think the bass strings of an upright grand are longer than in plain upright.

❓ What makes a good upright piano?

Upright pianos are popular because of their efficient use of space. While baby grand and grand pianos may appear more attractive, for the space-concious, tall upright pianos are capable of producing a strong tone, wide dynamic range and a good amount of leverage in the keys and action, taking up minimal floor space.

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What makes a piano a grand piano?

For one thing, the larger size of grand pianos means that they have longer strings and larger soundboards, which impart a different tonality than do uprights… In addition, grand pianos emit sound from above, while upright pianos emit sound from the back end, which is usually placed against a wall.

What is standard height of grand/upright piano?
  • They're even on stages where professional musicians perform. On average, the upright piano measures beyond 48 inches in height and has a width of 58 inches. This makes it the tallest of all the vertical pianos. Comparatively, it also has the biggest soundboard and produces the most resonant and high-quality sound.
What to do with an upright grand piano?
  • From disassembly to piano removal and safe disposal, including recycling and donating when possible, our professional Loaders will shoulder all the weight of hauling away your upright or baby grand piano, organ or other keyed instrument from wherever it’s located. Convenient outdoor pickup.
What makes a baby grand piano?

Baby grand pianos offer a more rich and full sound than upright pianos. The sound of pianos is largely determined by the position of the key strings and their ability and space to vibrate when struck. True grand pianos have much more freedom to vibrate, creating more pure overtones and a more accurate sound.

What makes a grand piano different?

The primary difference between a grand piano and a baby grand piano is their length. However, the size of a grand piano can also impact its overall sound. Although the best baby grand pianos will sound very similar to a good grand piano, smaller grand pianos tend to produce less volume and have sharper overtones.

What makes an upright piano a musical instrument?
  • (Show more) Upright piano, musical instrument in which the soundboard and plane of the strings run vertically, perpendicular to the keyboard, thus taking up less floor space than the normal grand piano.
What makes an upright piano easier to move?
  • The upright piano is unique though as some parts of the wood casing are actually removable. This includes the lid, and also the piece that covers the pedal mechanism. Removing those parts can reduce the overall weight making the piano easier to move. The cast iron plate is one of the heavier parts inside a piano, specifically the grand piano.
What makes a grand piano a good piano?
  • Crafted with care and precision, a grand piano is both a beautiful and commanding instrument, as well as an elegant addition to any home, performance studio or concert hall. Producing a high-quality grand piano with an exceptional sound takes time and requires an intricate knowledge of the instrument.
Are grand piano keys heavier than upright?

When playing, the keys of a grand piano feel heavier than those of an upright, because the inertia related to the rotational movement in the action of a grand piano is greater than that of the mechanism of an upright piano.

How big is an upright grand piano?
  • When you measure a grand piano from the tip to tail (front of the keyboard to the end of the piano), they range from 5 feet long (1m50) to well over 9 feet long (2m75) because the bottom bass strings span the distance. Upright pianos range from 40” tall (110cm) to a 52” tall (132cm). Take a look at the diagram on speaking lengths.
Should i buy upright or grand piano?

However some pianists prefer to purchase an upright piano and then save up for a larger or higher quality grand when they eventually expand into a larger home. Also if you live in an apartment complex or near others, a digital piano that can use headphones may be your best option.

Who makes baby grand piano?

Made by ‘piano samurai’ of Kawai’s famed factory every detail of this baby gran piano is well thought out, crafted and put together. Small as it may be it is beautifully designed to satisfy even the most demanding professional pianist.

Is it an upright piano or a grand piano?
  • Is it an upright piano or a grand piano? The short answer is that it’s an upright piano. However, it’s not just any upright piano. At the turn of the 20th century, countless American piano companies manufactured very tall upright pianos. These instruments offered the sound of a grand piano because of the long strings and large soundboard area.
Which is more valuable grand piano or upright piano?
  • Grand pianos hold more value, however, lower quality models lose their worth just as fast as uprights. The age of the piano matters the most when it comes to depreciation. If you’ve got an antique instrument then there may be some unique value there.
What is the difference between a grand piano and upright piano?
  • In a grand piano, the action of the hammer and damper design relies on gravity to complete each note. The action of the upright differs because it returns to a resting position by means of springs rather than by gravity alone, as in a grand.
Do you need upright or baby grand piano?

An upright piano isn’t going to need dusting as often as a grand. Unless of course you practice with the top of the lid open, and it remains open, or if you choose to remove the whole front cover exposing the action and strings.

How heavy is an upright baby grand piano?

How Much Does A Grand Piano Weigh? Baby Grand Piano Weight & Size. Baby grand pianos weigh anywhere between 500-600 lbs. They are a very popular type of... Medium Grand Piano Weight & Size. Medium grand pianos weigh anywhere from 500-600 lbs. They are another popular choice... Living Room Grand ...

How much does an upright grand piano weigh?
  • The average piano weighs between 300 – 500 lbs. Most upright pianos weigh between at least 300 – 500 lbs. Larger upright pianos weigh up to 900 lbs. A baby grand piano weighs between 622 – 690 lbs. Most 9′ concert grand pianos weigh as much as 990 lbs. If...
How tall is a cabinet grand upright piano?
  • "Upright Grand" and "Cabinet Grand" were terms used referring to very tall upright pianos, usually 52" or more in height. These pianos often had string lengths, tone and technical capabilities equal to, and indeed sometimes better than, petite baby grands - and were named as such by manufacturers for marketing purposes. But keep in...
How tall is the average upright grand piano?
  • Upright – Upright pianos are the tallest of the vertical pianos and are also called Upright Grand pianos or Professional Upright pianos. Many of the very old pianos are Upright pianos and range in size from 50 inches to 52 inches in height and taller.
How to take apart an upright grand piano?

Remove the piano side supports. The final outer parts of the piano are the two planks on each side. On most upright pianos, this is where the wheels are. Look inside the piano frame for screws holding these planks down. Remove all of them and then pull the side planks off.

When did the upright grand piano come out?
  • Introduced in 1903, this piano features a larger soundboard than many grands, for a more resonant voice. The choice for professional players seeking an upright instrument — and perfect for all sizes of homes and apartments.
When to replace springs on grand piano upright?
  • If we take a high quality grand, and a high quality upright, and play the same amount of hours on each instrument, the odds are that the upright will need those springs replaced while the grand continues to flow with gravity. Note: Consistent practice/movement causes all parts to weaken, and slow down over time, regardless of quality.
When to sell a bluthner upright grand piano?
  • If you are wanting to sell your Bluthner piano we are looking for pianos of this make. We are especially interested in pre-”iron curtain” Bluthner’s in rosewood and also modern uprights and modern grands. We are not keen on pianos of this make between the “iron curtain” period (around 1945 to 1991).
What is the difference between an upright and grand piano?

In an upright piano, the strings are strung vertically to make the instrument more compact, which allows the piano to be played in a limited space. In contrast, the grand piano retains the shape of the original pianoforte in which the strings are strung horizontally, and has a greater potential for expression.