What to do old books?

Amelie Zemlak asked a question: What to do old books?
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How do you dispose of old books?

  • Give your textbooks to a book recycler in your area. Often these organizations put your old textbooks back into circulation so others can benefit from them. If you can't find a book recycler in your area, go with another disposal option.

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35. Stack them tall and proud. loverforbooks.blogspot.com. Facebook. Pinterest. Mail. Link. Want more super-helpful DIY hacks like these? Sign up for BuzzFeed’s DIY newsletter and we’ll send ...

If you really aren’t sure where to donate books, DonationTown is a great resource for placing your books in a worthy home. DonationTown arranges free book pick-up and delivery, then sends your used...

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Little Free Library is a network of small drop boxes erected by regular people across the country where others are free to grab or donate their old books. It’s an excellent way to recycle an old read of your own and pick up a new one while you’re at it.

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