Why was mason banned from the baptist church?

Lula Ferry asked a question: Why was mason banned from the baptist church?
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Mason relayed several then-controversial teachings on sanctification (probably related to the idea of sanctification being an “event,” the work of baptism in the Holy Spirit), which caused him to be banned from the Baptist Association.

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While it is a know fact that the late great founder of the Church Of God In Christ, Bishop C. H. Mason was excommunicated from the Baptist Association in the late 1800's; nevertheless the question is, "why?"

Fleury's response was to brand the Freemasons as traitors, and ban their assemblies. This ban, and the Italian investigation led, in 1738, to Pope Clement XII promulgating In eminenti apostolatus, the first canonical prohibition of Masonic associations.

Baptists and Freemasonry. For several years past certain members of our churches have expressed disquiet concerning the relationship between Freemasonry and Christianity and the possible influence of the movement within some churches. The matter has been raised on several occasions in recent Assemblies and has been the subject of correspondence ...

(A Freemason once informed us that the Masons encourage their members to go to church.) In 1993, the Southern Baptist Convention published a Report on Freemasonry which noted the many fine SBC leaders who were also Freemasons as well as many points of agreement between Freemasonry and Christianity, along with some areas of disagreement between the two. The verdict of the SBC as to whether or not a Southern Baptist could also be a member of a Masonic Lodge was not based on the Scriptural ...

On November 1, 1893, Elder Mason matriculated into the Arkansas Baptist College, but withdrew after three months because of his dissatisfaction with the methods of teaching and the presentation of the Bible message. He then returned to the streets and to every pulpit that was opened to him declaring Christ by the word, example, and precept.

Even so, some Freemasons had actually been plotting against the Vatican through its bank. In 1981, two of the pope’s top financial advisers – known all along as Masons – were unmasked as members of a secret Lodge called Propaganda Due that was plotting a fascist takeover of Italy. Both men later died mysteriously.

Dunn also exposed a number of high-ranking Masons in churches throughout his county in Georgia. It’s then that outside pressure from other churches, Freemasons, and even the Baptist association began to pressure Dunn’s pastor to remove him from membership in the congregation. When asked his sin, Dunn was not satisfactorily answered.

November 20, 2019. David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061. 866-295-4143, [email protected] While some Independent Baptist churches are joining the Southern Baptist Convention (e.g., High Street Baptist of Springfield, Missouri, in 2017), claiming the SBC is “conservative” and “has won the battle against ...

James P. Wesberry, who died in December 1992, was pastor of Morningside Baptist Church in Atlanta for 31 years, president of the Georgia Baptist Convention for 3 years, recording secretary for the Georgia Baptist Convention for 20 years, moderator of the Southern Baptist Pastors Conference, and executive-director of the Lord's Day Alliance. 10 He became a Mason in 1927. He was a York Rite Mason, 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason, and a Shriner.

Masons believe in the immortality of the soul, but the hope appears not to be in Christ, but through the moral example, re-enacted by the initiate, of the mythical brass-founder, Hiram Abiff. Some Masons deny that this is so, and regard it as a misunderstanding of the meaning of the ritual. However, the hope is expressed in non-

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